IRON HODL Engraving Pen Instructions


  • High-Speed Motor 23,000 RPM
  • Use 2x AAA Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Includes 1x Replacement Diamond Tip 2.35mm
  • Engraves on all materials such as carbide, glass, ceramic, etc.

How to start engraving immediately:

  1. Insert batteries (2x AAA)

Unscrew the bottom cover and insert 2x AAA batteries. Tip: Fresh batteries ensure optimal engraving performance.

IRON HODL Engraving Pen Instructions - Unscrew the battery cap
  1. Start operation

Operate the red button and apply light pressure on the material to begin engraving. Tip: First use a test object

Istruzioni per la penna incisore IRON HODL - Premere il pulsante rosso sul manico per attivare la penna incisore


Want to use a different tip with the IRON HODL Engraving Pen?

  1. Remove existing diamond tip

Place a mini screwdriver at the top of the engraving pen, loosen and remove the current diamond tip.

IRON HODL Engraving Pen Instructions - Use Mini screwdriver to unhatch the diamond tip


  1. Replace the diamond tip:

Insert the new engraving tip and tighten it with the mini screwdriver.

IRON HODL Engraving Pen Instructions - Change diamond tip

Usage note:

Commercially available steel tips are particularly suitable for engraving on materials such as plastic, wood, and softer metals. Use the engraving pen after engraving your recovery seed to personalize and individualize other objects of your choice.

IRON HODL Engraving Pen Instructions - Application examples


Do not touch the diamond tip when the engraving pen is in operation. It is not recommended to engrave electronic media such as CDs or DVDs etc. as engraving on these materials may result in the loss of the media.